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Auburn Police Department requests $9.1M in 2024-25 budget

The Auburn City Council recently began discussions for the 2024-25 budget, with the Auburn Police Department (APD) requesting over $9.1 million, an increase from the previous year’s $7.7 million. Auburn Police Chief James Slayton attributed the rise primarily to higher personnel costs and the need for new equipment, including plans to purchase seven police vehicles after abstaining from vehicle purchases in the current fiscal year.

Salaries and wages are expected to jump from $6.1 million to $6.9 million, alongside a notable rise in contractual overtime costs, partially offset by state funding through the Gun-Involved Violence Elimination Initiative. The department also anticipates $736,180 in reimbursements from various community assignments, including school security details and an ongoing partnership with Wegmans.

Despite the budget increase, the APD is facing staffing challenges, with six vacancies out of 68 officer positions. Efforts are underway to fill these roles, potentially alleviating overtime expenses. Chief Slayton also presented crime statistics to the council, highlighting trends in drug, fraud, and missing persons investigations, alongside decreases in robbery, overdose, and assault cases.