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Orbaker’s in Williamson to stay open for 85 hours ahead of Solar Eclipse

In a remarkable show of community spirit and historical celebration, Orbaker’s Drive-In, a staple in the Williamson community since 1932, announced plans to remain open for 85 consecutive hours leading up to the solar eclipse. Bob Heintzelman, the owner, has embraced the diner’s tradition of serving classic American fare, including its famed burgers and shakes, and is now looking to support the influx of visitors expected for the eclipse by extending the restaurant’s hours starting the Friday before the event.

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Heintzelman, who took over the business in 2023, aims to give back to the community that has supported Orbaker’s for over nine decades. In preparation for the event, the diner is gearing up to accommodate the crowds with its spacious parking lot and dining area, making it an ideal spot for eclipse viewing. This initiative not only highlights the diner’s commitment to the community but also sets a precedent for local businesses in offering unparalleled service during significant events.

Orbaker’s will temporarily close after the 85-hour marathon and plans to reopen on Tuesday, ready to continue its legacy of community service and delicious, nostalgic dining. This unique approach to the solar eclipse is a testament to Heintzelman’s dedication to both the history of Orbaker’s and the Williamson community at large.