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Senate Republicans blast HEAT Act after passage in Albany

In Albany State Senator Tom O’Mara and other Senate Republicans voiced strong opposition to the recently approved “New York Heat Act,” a piece of legislation they argue will significantly increase living costs for New Yorkers. They criticized the act for its potential to exacerbate the state’s high cost of living and called for a detailed analysis of New York’s climate policies to assess their financial impact on residents.

During a Capitol press conference, the Republicans, along with business and labor leaders, argued that the New York Heat Act could lead to higher expenses for middle-class families, jeopardize local jobs, and hurt the state’s economy. They stressed the need for more realistic and affordable energy solutions rather than what they see as costly and unattainable clean energy mandates.

The NY Heat Act, aimed at transitioning from natural gas to electric heat, has been met with unanimous opposition from Senate Republicans. They warn that the act will not only increase utility bills for the majority of New Yorkers but also threaten job losses in the utility sector. The group is advocating for a pause and reconsideration of the state’s current energy policies to find a balance between environmental goals and economic feasibility.