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NYC residents are miserable: Survey finds just 30% are ‘satisfied’ with life

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A recent survey by the Citizens Budget Commission unveiled that only 30% of New Yorkers are satisfied with their quality of life, a significant drop from 50% in 2017. The survey, encompassing 6,600 households, highlighted a growing dissatisfaction among residents with living conditions across the five boroughs. Public safety concerns have also escalated, with only 37% of respondents feeling their neighborhood is “excellent or good” in this aspect, a decrease from 50% seven years prior.

Income disparities have emerged as a crucial factor in life satisfaction, with higher-income households reporting greater contentment. Despite this, the overall sentiment towards city living has soured, with only half of the surveyed individuals expressing a desire to remain in the city for the next five years, a decline from nearly 60% in the previous survey. Public services satisfaction, including education and the efficiency of tax dollar usage, has similarly fallen.

Mayor Eric Adams addressed the survey findings, emphasizing alignment with New Yorkers’ priorities such as public safety and city cleanliness. Despite the challenges highlighted, Adams remains optimistic about addressing the concerns of the city’s residents, amidst declining numbers expressing long-term commitment to staying in New York City.

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