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Unemployment: Could New York benefits be increased soon?

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New York lawmakers are reviewing a bill aimed at prohibiting social media platforms from customizing feeds for users under 18 using predictive algorithms. State Attorney General Tish James, a key figure in drafting the legislation, highlighted the harmful impact such tailored feeds can have on children, particularly those with mental health issues. James emphasized the role of these algorithms in exacerbating depression and suicidal ideation among youths, urging for the bill’s passage to offer parents more control and mitigate the addictive nature of social media.

The proposal has sparked debate within the tech industry, with some arguing that algorithms play a crucial role in safeguarding younger users. Adam Kovacevich, CEO of Chamber of Progress, which counts Google and Amazon among its partners, contends that algorithms enhance the social media experience by filtering content and facilitating safer, more meaningful interactions for teenagers.

Despite these claims, the bill has yet to be included in the budget proposals of either legislative house. Kovacevich calls for further public discourse and examination of the legislation, citing a lack of comprehensive discussion on its potential impacts. Meanwhile, James remains steadfast in her concern over the tech industry’s efforts to self-regulate, advocating for legislative action to protect young social media users.