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“Sips to the Eclipse” event lights up the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

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The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail unveiled a unique “Sips to the Eclipse” event for April 6th and 7th, aligning with a rare celestial event. Wine lovers and stargazers were invited to journey through 10 member wineries along Cayuga Lake, enjoying themed tastings and activities. The event featured a bingo card system, where attendees collected stamps with each bottle purchase, aiming to win a grand prize filled with local treasures.

Katherine Chase, the Executive Director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, highlighted the event’s dual appeal of celestial celebration and wine exploration. The initiative not only promised a memorable experience but also an opportunity to win a grand prize, adding an exciting competitive element to the wine trail exploration.

Participants enjoyed a variety of unique offerings, from half-moon cookies and exclusive wines to artisanal cocktails and solar eclipse eyeglasses. The event promised a blend of astral awe and culinary delight, ensuring visitors could sip, savor, and potentially win amidst the scenic beauty of Cayuga Lake.