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New York’s mayors call for increased state aid funding amid rising service costs

Mayors across New York State, led by Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, are calling for an overhaul of the state aid formula, which has remained unchanged for over a decade. The New York State Conference of Mayors highlighted the financial strain cities face in maintaining essential services like bridge and road repairs, ensuring safe water, and snow plowing, given the escalating costs. The group emphasized the need for additional state funding to sustain these vital services amidst growing inflationary pressures.

Local leaders from various municipalities, including Fairport, Honeoye Falls, and Brockport, joined forces to advocate for increased state support. They argued that the current economic climate, characterized by rising prices for road salt, employee wages, and recreational center operations, demands a corresponding boost in state contributions. The absence of adequate funding, they warn, could lead to the deterioration of public services or increased financial burdens on local taxpayers.

The plea for more support comes as both the New York Assembly and Senate have proposed budget increases for city and village funding. However, these proposals are yet to be finalized, with negotiations ongoing between the legislature and Governor. Mayor Evans pointed out Rochester’s specific shortfall, estimating a $34 million gap if the city received its “fair share” of state aid, underscoring the potential benefits such funding could bring to urban infrastructure and services.