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Mission to bring back historic pumper truck takes shape in Avon

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In Geneseo the Avon Fire Department and local supporters are on a mission to bring back a piece of their history: a 1926 Ahrens-Fox Combination Pumper fire truck. Known for its advanced firefighting capabilities at the time, the truck served the Avon community until 1959 when it was sold. Currently housed at the Canadian Automotive Museum since 1986, efforts are now underway to return the truck to Avon in time for the fire department’s 150th anniversary in 2026.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

A newly formed non-profit, the Avon, NY, Ahrens Fox Full Circle Preservation Society, aims to repurchase the historic fire truck for $50,000—a fraction of its estimated collector’s value. They’ve initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise the necessary funds, appealing to community members and history enthusiasts alike to contribute to the cause.

Once returned, the Ahrens-Fox will not only symbolize community pride but will also serve educational purposes, including fire prevention awareness at schools and participation in local parades. This initiative underscores the Avon community’s dedication to preserving its firefighting heritage for future generations.