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Bonafiglia Family Foundation donates $30,000 to local charities in February

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In February, the Bonafiglia Family Foundation generously awarded $30,000 to six charitable organizations within Seneca Falls, NY, to support the ongoing efforts to enhance the area’s economic and cultural vitality. Among the beneficiaries is the Right to Run, an event commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment, which underscores Seneca Falls’ significant contribution to women’s suffrage. This year’s race, honoring founder Menzo Case for his dedication to the community, will feature both in-person and virtual options on July 6th, inviting participants to celebrate and engage with local heritage.

The Seneca County House of Concern, another grantee, addresses critical issues like food insecurity and the need for rent and utility assistance among local families. By providing access to their food pantry and daily bread and bagels, the House of Concern plays a pivotal role in supporting those in immediate need. Their focus on a community rent/utility assistance program aims to create a significant impact through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Support also extends to the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, recognized for its commitment to youth development through the Young Adult Community Engagement Program (YACEP). This initiative offers teens a paid internship to learn about local issues and community assets, culminating in the planning and execution of a community project. The Bonafiglia Family Foundation’s investment in organizations like the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library illustrates a dedication to fostering community engagement and preparing youth for future success beyond the classroom.