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What to expect out of Odessa water infrastructure updates?

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The Village of Odessa announced plans to begin replacing over 16,000 feet of aging water pipes starting March 25. This major project, led by Vacri Construction Company and JHA Engineers, aims to modernize the village’s water system by removing pipes dating back to 1938. The upgrade will include installing new service lines, fire hydrants, and ensuring clean water connections to prevent contamination.

Residents can expect the initial phase to wrap up in the spring and summer, with efforts to minimize disruption. The project includes pressure testing and sanitizing the new lines before they are connected to homes. Homeowners will be required to provide access for the final hookups, with a mid-April start for connecting houses to the new system.

The renovation will extend beyond pipe replacement to include lawn, sidewalk, and road restorations affected by construction, at no extra cost to residents. This effort marks a significant step towards providing safer, more reliable water service for the Odessa community, with further improvements planned, including a new water treatment plant set to begin in the summer.