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Cortland hero saves choking Amazon driver

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In a remarkable act of courage, a local Amazon delivery driver, Kasey Helm, was saved from choking by an anonymous passerby in Cortland. Helm, who was on her lunch break around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12, encountered a life-threatening situation when a piece of steak got lodged in her throat. Battling sinus issues that can inflame her throat, Helm found herself in dire need of help in the parking lot off of Groton Avenue, between Coffee Mania and Burger King.

An observant stranger walking by noticed Helm in distress and immediately sprung into action, performing several attempts to dislodge the steak from her windpipe. His quick thinking and willingness to help a choking stranger were captured on video, showcasing a selfless act that ultimately saved Helm’s life.

Helm expressed profound gratitude towards the man whose timely intervention spared her from a potentially fatal outcome. She also thanked Coffee Mania staff, EMS workers, and other witnesses for their support during the ordeal. Helm’s experience underscores the importance of community and the difference that one individual’s actions can make in saving a life.