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Watkins Glen rape conviction upheld after court denial

The courts in Schuyler County have denied a motion to vacate the conviction of Jeffrey Forney, a Watkins Glen man sentenced to a possible life term for the 2015 rape of an 18-year-old woman. Presiding Judge Scott A. Miller of Tompkins County delivered a two-part decision, upholding Forney’s conviction for predatory sexual assault among other charges.

Forney, alongside co-defendant Aaron Bowen, was accused of raping the victim and leaving her unconscious on the roadside in Horseheads, where she was later discovered by passing motorists. After a mistrial in 2017 due to a juror’s perjury, Forney was convicted at a separate trial and sentenced to 21 years to life, while Bowen received an 8-year sentence plus supervision.

Despite Forney’s appeal and the motion arguing twenty-seven points for vacating the conviction, Judge Miller rejected the appeal, confirming the sentences. Forney is eligible for parole in 2036, whereas Bowen is set for release in April after serving the majority of his term. Copies of the decision are available from the District Attorney’s Office.