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Steuben County begins flood damage repairs in 2025

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Steuben County has announced plans to repair two critical infrastructure sites in Woodhull damaged by Tropical Storm Fred in 2021. The projects, set to begin in early 2025, aim to restore County Route 129 near Tuscarora Creek and replace the Harder Road Bridge, both severely affected by the floodwaters. With a $1.4 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and $160,000 from the Steuben County Legislature for matching funds, these repairs are a step towards enhancing flood resilience in the region.

County officials emphasize the complexity of the repair process but acknowledge FEMA’s cooperation. The projects intend not only to repair the existing damage but also to implement measures to mitigate future flood impacts. Despite the long timeframe, the efforts reflect a commitment to improving safety and stability in the face of increasing flash flood events.

Woodhull residents eagerly await the restoration of these vital infrastructures. The Harder Road Bridge and a section of County Route 129 have been restricted to one-way traffic, affecting the community’s mobility and emergency services. The upcoming repairs promise to bolster the area’s infrastructure, offering relief and a positive outlook for the future.