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Odessa begins transformative water system upgrade

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The village of Odessa has seen the initiation of a groundbreaking upgrade to its water system on March 25 marking a significant milestone in the village’s infrastructure development. Spearheaded by Mayor Gerry Messmer, the project commenced after years of meticulous planning and securing a comprehensive funding package totaling $9.9 million from the USDA-Rural Development (USDA-RD) and an additional $2.99 million in grants. This financial strategy significantly reduces the village’s long-term financial burden, ensuring the project’s sustainability.

The first phase of the upgrade involves replacing over 16,000 feet of aging water lines, aimed at enhancing water quality and pressure throughout Odessa. This extensive overhaul is set to address longstanding issues with brown water, thanks to the replacement of outdated iron water lines and the installation of new fire hydrants and larger pipes. The expected completion by the end of summer promises a substantial improvement in the village’s water delivery system.

In addition to water line replacements, the project encompasses the renovation of Main Street sidewalks, introducing new crosswalks and bump-out parking to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow. The comprehensive plan also includes the construction of a new water treatment plant to meet future health and environmental standards, showcasing Odessa’s commitment to revitalizing its infrastructure while maintaining its charm and livability.