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Biden-Trump rematch set after both secure primary victories on Tuesday

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The stage is set for a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Trump secured the Republican nomination after sweeping victories in Washington state, Georgia, and Mississippi on Tuesday, March 12. Accumulating 1,228 delegates, Trump surpassed the required 1,215, effectively making him the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. His win comes unchallenged as Nikki Haley, his last standing opponent, exited the race following Super Tuesday.

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On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden clinched his party’s nomination by winning the Georgia primary, bringing his total delegate count to over the 1,968 threshold needed. Biden, facing minimal opposition, has dominated the primary season, securing victories in all but one contest. His campaign is fueled by a message of unity, aiming to counter Trump’s challenge and what Biden describes as a battle for the nation’s soul.

As both candidates gear up for the election, they embark on their campaigns with history in the making. Trump vows to defeat Biden, whom he criticizes sharply, while Biden emphasizes the importance of overcoming Trump’s threat to the country. With their nominations secured, the path to the election promises a heated and highly anticipated contest between two familiar foes.

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