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Smoke incident at Cornell Lab resolved without injuries

A chemical reaction that produced smoke at Cornell University’s Baker Laboratory prompted a swift response from the Ithaca Fire Department (IFD) and no injuries were reported. After a fire alarm was triggered, emergency personnel detected a chemical odor, leading to an upgraded response with additional resources. The situation was quickly assessed, with a collaboration between IFD and Cornell’s Environment, Health & Safety team ensuring no one was in danger.

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The incident occurred when an individual in the lab experienced a reaction that produced smoke, but firefighters equipped with personal protective equipment promptly ensured the area was safe. The IFD, working closely with Cornell University Police Department, Bangs Ambulance, and Cornell E&HS, managed to secure the scene efficiently.

Cornell University staff took over the facility’s control following the IFD’s intervention, confirming that the scene was safe and there were no casualties. Despite the initial concern, the quick response and effective management of the situation averted any potential harm to individuals or the facility. Cornell University has yet to comment on the incident.