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Geneva City Council delays short-term rental regulations

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Geneva City Council voted to postpone the implementation of a new ordinance aimed at regulating short-term rentals in the city, initially scheduled to take effect on March 1. The delay came after council members decided to table the enactment of a fee schedule, essential for the ordinance’s activation. This decision reflects the council’s intention to reassess the ordinance’s fee structure and inspection requirements, amidst concerns over the proposed $1,000 fee.

The ordinance, designed to manage short-term rentals and ensure community safety, has sparked debate over its fee schedule and the fairness of its inspection protocols. The discussion also touched on the competitive advantage short-term rental operators have over hotels, particularly regarding the city’s 3% occupancy tax, which does not currently apply to short-term rentals. Efforts to include short-term rentals under this tax have stalled, awaiting support from state representatives.