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Waterloo Container, Seneca Co. Farm Bureau in Albany for advocacy efforts

Waterloo Container’s President Bill Lutz represented the company at the Taste of New York Reception in Albany, where he engaged with Governor Kathy Hochul and Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets Richard Ball on issues with local implication.

The event, aimed at promoting the agricultural industry, saw Waterloo Container and the Seneca County Farm Bureau advocating for the interests of New York’s farmers. According to Mark Pitifer of Waterloo Container, these efforts are crucial for the growth and success of the state’s agricultural sector, including wineries, breweries, distilleries, and farms.

Emory Oese-Siegel, President of the Seneca County Farm Bureau, highlighted the long-standing partnership with Waterloo Container and Bill Lutz, emphasizing their joint efforts to support agriculture at various levels. The collaboration has been especially visible at the annual Taste of New York Reception, which attracts a significant audience including farmers, agribusinesses, and elected officials, to showcase New York’s agricultural bounty.

The event also provided an opportunity for meaningful dialogue with state representatives, allowing Waterloo Container to advocate effectively for its customers and the broader agricultural community. Pitifer expressed gratitude towards local legislators for their support and called on the public to support New York farmers by donating to their local farm bureau.