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Yates County residents invited to review proposed flood maps

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The commencement of a crucial 90-day appeal and comment period for the proposed updates to the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), as announced by FEMA, offers residents, business owners, and community partners in Yates County a final opportunity to review the updated maps. This period began on March 6 for the Town of Starkey and March 7 for other communities, allowing for identification of concerns and submission of appeals or comments regarding local flood risks and future flood insurance requirements.

The proposed map updates are the result of collaborative efforts between local, state, and FEMA officials, aiming to accurately reflect the current flood risks in the area. Despite significant community review, FEMA encourages further scrutiny to ensure the accuracy of flood modeling and data. Appeals submitted must be backed with technical data, while minor corrections, such as misspelled road names, can be addressed through written comments.

The resolution of appeals and comments will pave the way for the finalization of the maps, with FEMA notifying communities about the effective date of the new FIRMs. This mapping process is critical for residents to understand their flood risk and make informed decisions about flood insurance. Community members are urged to review the preliminary maps and learn about insurance options, marking an important step in the community’s commitment to flood preparedness and resilience.

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