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What are the most-frequent consumer frauds in New York?

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In a move marking National Consumer Protection Week, New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed the top 10 consumer complaints for 2023, spotlighting the prevalent issues ranging from retail frauds and housing problems to online banking scams. The list underscores the variety of scams targeting New Yorkers, with Attorney General James committing to aggressive actions against such fraudulent practices, highlighting the state’s dedication to safeguarding its residents.

Amidst growing concerns over consumer exploitation, AG James emphasizes the importance of vigilance among New Yorkers. Offering strategies to dodge common scams, she encourages victims to report fraudulent activities, underscoring the state’s commitment to combating deceit and ensuring quality service and products for its citizens. Her office has taken significant strides, including legal actions to uphold New York’s Rent Stabilization Laws and combat corporate profiteering.

The announcement not only sheds light on the challenges faced by consumers but also serves as a call to action for New Yorkers to engage with the Attorney General’s office in identifying and addressing scams. With comprehensive tips for avoiding scams across various sectors, AG James’s initiative represents a crucial step towards fostering a safer consumer environment in New York, reinforcing the state’s stance against fraud and deception.