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Hornell water plant gets major funding for upgrades

The Hornell Water Pollution Control Plant is set to receive a $1.25 million boost from the federal government, as announced by Congressman Nick Langworthy. This funding aims to modernize the facility, enhance public health, and support economic growth in Hornell, New York. Built in 1972, the plant plays a crucial role in treating approximately 2.7 million gallons of wastewater daily, maintaining the city’s water quality and environmental standards.

Langworthy highlighted the importance of the investment, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring Hornell residents have access to clean water for the foreseeable future. He praised the collaborative efforts with local authorities to address the community’s infrastructure needs effectively. The grant signifies a step forward in safeguarding public health and promoting sustainability within the region.

The allocation of funds is part of the broader bipartisan Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024, which Congress passed recently. This legislation secures over $900 million in grants and loans for rural areas across the United States to improve water and wastewater management.