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Several officers injured at Auburn prison after confrontation with inmates

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In two separate incidents at Auburn Correctional Facility on Sunday, eight officers sustained injuries, as reported by the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA). The initial confrontation unfolded in the mess hall, triggered by an inmate’s aggressive refusal to a contraband search, leading to an officer being punched in the face and suffering an orbital bone fracture. This officer was subsequently hospitalized and is currently off duty.

The situation escalated when four additional officers, attempting to assist their colleague, were also hurt during the effort to subdue the inmate. Despite sustaining minor injuries, these officers remained on duty. A second, unrelated incident saw another inmate lash out at staff during lunch, resulting in three more officers being injured after the inmate was removed from the mess hall and attacked an officer upon handcuff removal.

Kenny Gold, president of NYSCOPBA’s western region, expressed frustration over the lack of legislative action to address the increasing violence within prisons, emphasizing the need for more protective measures for correctional staff. The union’s statement calls for urgent attention to the safety concerns facing officers, highlighting the ongoing risk they face in their line of duty.