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Ontario County Democratic Committee endorses candidates

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The Ontario County Democratic Committee (OCDC) has officially endorsed a list of candidates for the 2024 elections, supporting Joe Biden for President, Kamala Harris for Vice President, and other key figures for local, state, and federal positions. This endorsement reflects the committee’s confidence in the Biden Administration’s accomplishments, including healthcare improvements and economic boosts for smaller food producers.

OCDC Chair John Hurley emphasized the importance of supporting these candidates to protect and advance democracy in the face of challenges posed by Trump supporters and the MAGA movement. The committee highlights the need for strong Democratic representation in Congress, the N.Y. State Senate, the N.Y. Assembly, and local councils to ensure progress on issues vital to their constituents, including economic, social, and environmental concerns.

With a clear stance against the recent anti-democratic sentiments expressed at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the OCDC urges all citizens to participate in the voting process. By backing these Democratic candidates, the committee advocates for a commitment to American democracy, promoting policies that support a broad spectrum of American values and interests.