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Mayors across the state call for updating AIM funding

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Mayors across New York have urged state leaders for a boost in state aid, highlighting a decade-long stagnation in funding. In a collective plea to Governor Kathy Hochul and other key legislative figures, officials, including Auburn Mayor Jimmy Giannettino, stressed the financial strains faced by cities, towns, and villages outside New York City due to unchanged Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) program allocations.

The call for increased state aid comes amid concerns over the impact of stagnant funding on local governments’ ability to maintain essential services and staff. Auburn, for example, has experienced significant financial challenges, with Mayor Giannettino estimating a $4 million shortfall due to the freeze in state aid.

Despite these challenges, Governor Hochul’s proposed budget suggests no change in AIM funding for the 2024-25 fiscal year, continuing a trend that many local leaders describe as neglectful. In response to the funding crisis, State Senator Rachel May has proposed legislation to overhaul the AIM funding formula, aiming to address income losses from tax-exempt land, infrastructure costs, and participation in housing programs.