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Big improvements coming to Hornell’s downtown

Hornell has initiated the Streetscapes, Alleyways, Wayfinding, and Public Art project, a comprehensive plan aimed at transforming Main Street’s appearance and functionality. Announced by Mayor John Buckley, this ambitious project encompasses sidewalk replacement, alleyway enhancements, wayfinding signage, and public art installations. It follows the completion of the Union Square Park project, signaling a year of significant construction and improvement efforts across the city.

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The project will be executed in four phases, starting with sidewalk replacements along Main Street and Broadway, to minimize disruption to local businesses and residents. The work schedule has been carefully planned, with the first phase focusing on the south side of Main Street and subsequent phases continuing through different sections of the downtown area. This phased approach ensures businesses remain accessible, with C.P. Ward Inc., the contractor, working closely with affected establishments to maintain customer access.

Upon completion, Main Street will showcase enhanced accessibility features, public art, new benches, improved lighting, and tree plantings, all funded by the city’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization award. These improvements aim to beautify the downtown area while preserving its historical charm and ensuring no loss of parking spaces. The city has facilitated community engagement through open houses and online resources, emphasizing the project’s potential to significantly improve downtown Hornell’s appeal and accessibility.