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Hochul announces cybersecurity grant plan

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Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the New York State Cybersecurity Grant Plan, a groundbreaking strategy to bolster cyber resilience across local governments. Leveraging nearly $6 million in federal funding from the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program, this initiative aims to equip public sector entities with advanced cybersecurity tools and resources. This plan marks a significant step towards safeguarding New York’s digital infrastructure against cyber threats.

The grant will fund the procurement of multi-factor authentication systems, cybersecurity scholarships, and training resources, enhancing the cyber defenses of eligible local entities. Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of this funding in providing municipalities with the necessary tools to secure critical infrastructure and mitigate cyber risks effectively.

Highlighting a collaborative approach, the grant program underscores New York’s commitment to cyber preparedness. With a focus on shared services for local government entities, this initiative is poised to make significant strides in protecting New Yorkers in the digital age. The plan also aligns with New York’s broader cybersecurity strategy, aimed at unification, resilience, and preparedness against evolving cyber threats.

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