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Canandaigua man convicted of rape, faces additional charges

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In Ontario County Court, Jeffrey Kuney, 45, of Canandaigua, was convicted of serious rape charges, with the potential for a lengthy prison term. Last Thursday, a jury found Kuney guilty of both first-degree rape, which could lead to up to 25 years in prison, and third-degree rape, following his arrest by state police in August 2022.

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The accusations against Kuney include raping two individuals and supplying cocaine and prescription drugs to at least one victim. Described as a “predator” by First Assistant District Attorney Chris Eaggleston, Kuney’s conviction has prompted other alleged victims to approach the police, leading to the possibility of further trials.

With sentencing for these convictions expected later this year, the community and the prosecution commend the role of the press in encouraging victims to come forward.