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Seneca County celebrates school resources officers for their service

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office took a moment to honor the dedication and service of School Resource Officers (SROs) to local schools on National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day. Recognizing the vital role these officers play in ensuring school safety and fostering positive relationships within the school community, the Sheriff’s Office highlighted their commitment to the SRO program in partnership with the Seneca County Board of Supervisors.

The department currently provides SROs to South Seneca Central and Romulus Central School Districts, contributing significantly to a secure and supportive educational environment. The officers, through their expertise and specialized training, not only focus on safety but also engage in building trust and rapport with students, staff, and families.

Featuring SROs like Deputy Zachary Nelson with his K-9 partner Coski, Deputy Tiffany Nolin with her diverse skill set, and Deputy Grace Lipker, the newest addition aiming to make a positive impact, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office showcases the diverse capabilities and roles of their SROs. Their dedication underscores the importance of such programs in nurturing safe and conducive learning spaces.