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Gallahan calls for stronger measures in migrant crisis response

Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan criticized the handling of New York’s migrant crisis, emphasizing the need for a more coordinated approach between state and federal agencies. Following a press conference by the Assembly and Senate seeking solutions, Gallahan argued for the enhancement of law enforcement and immigration authorities, along with stricter public safety laws to hold migrants accountable for crimes.

Gallahan pointed to a January incident involving the attack on NYPD officers as evidence of the crisis’s impact on New Yorkers. He challenged the effectiveness of Governor Kathy Hochul’s policies, including the allocation of $2.4 billion in aid for migrants, which had sparked concern among state residents. The Assemblyman suggested these policies neglected the safety and educational needs of New York families.

Urging a united effort among lawmakers, law enforcement, and ICE, Gallahan advocated for a comprehensive plan to address the migrant crisis. He insisted on justice for crimes committed, prioritizing public safety to restore trust among New Yorkers.