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Horseheads delays cannabis cultivation vote amid legal questions

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The Village of Horseheads Board of Trustees has once again postponed the vote on UpState Craft Cannabis’s application to cultivate cannabis, continuing a prolonged decision-making process. Despite the anticipation for a resolution at Monday night’s meeting, procedural delays emerged due to the late posting of the meeting agenda, conflicting with New York State Open Meeting laws that require 24-hour advance notice.

The application’s journey has seen it bounce between the Planning Board and the Village Trustees multiple times. Attorney Matthew Buzzetti, representing UpState Craft Cannabis, expressed frustration over the delays, accusing the board of unfairly prolonging the decision. Buzzetti is now exploring legal options to expedite a resolution.

The board has deferred the vote to March 7th, citing the need for compliance with the Open Meetings Act and further research into the health impacts of cannabis cultivation. This latest delay adds to the uncertainty surrounding the future of cannabis cultivation in Horseheads, highlighting the complexities of navigating local governance and legal requirements in the burgeoning cannabis industry.