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Burger King launches new million dollar Whopper contest

Burger King’s new contest takes “have it your way” to an exciting level, offering customers a chance to become millionaires. Participants are invited to customize the iconic Whopper with up to eight toppings from over 200,000 possible combinations. The fast-food giant will then select three top creations to feature temporarily on its menu, with the final winner chosen by public vote.

The grand prize? A whopping one million dollars for the creator of the winning burger. But there’s a tasty consolation for all who enter: participants will receive a coupon for a free Whopper with any $1 purchase, ensuring everyone gets a bite of the action.

For details on how to enter and potentially flip your Whopper into a million-dollar masterpiece, Burger King enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the official contest page. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to have it not just your way, but to possibly make your wildest burger dreams come true.

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