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IPD safely resolve highway incident involving man in crisis

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The Ithaca Police Department (IPD) successfully intervened on Friday evening to assist a man experiencing a mental health crisis on Route 13, near Ithaca High School. Responding to multiple reports of the individual obstructing the roadway, officers promptly closed the southbound lane to protect him from oncoming traffic. The situation escalated when the man attempted to move towards the northbound lanes, prompting police to securely detain him in the highway’s median.

Efforts to de-escalate the crisis were initially met with resistance, leading to a brief confrontation before the man was taken into custody and subsequently transported to a local hospital for mental health evaluation. Throughout the incident, the man, who was holding a month-old puppy, and the animal itself, fortunately, remained unharmed despite the potential danger posed by the traffic.

The IPD extended its gratitude to fellow law enforcement agencies, the Ithaca Fire Department, and Bangs Ambulance for their assistance in resolving the incident safely. The puppy involved was cared for by the SPCA of Tompkins County, ensuring its well-being following the event.