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Auburn plans to move forward with emergency homeless shelter

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In Auburn a proposed plan to construct a three-story, 80-bed emergency homeless shelter is actively moving forward, contrary to reports of a pause.

The Citizen reports that Housing Visions, a Syracuse-based nonprofit, is steering the project, which recently entered the environmental review phase under the oversight of the Auburn Planning Board.

The city, along with Cayuga County, has allocated funding exceeding $1 million towards the development of the new facility on Grant Avenue, aiming to significantly expand local homeless support services.

The proposed shelter seeks to replace a smaller 16-bed facility, introducing not only 80 beds but also nine studio apartments, case management services, and enhanced security measures.

This expansion comes in response to growing homelessness in the area, with Cayuga County’s social services commissioner reporting a marked increase in the need for emergency housing among adults and children in recent years.