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New York enacts faster insurance claim law for natural disasters

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a new law aimed at expediting the insurance claim process for New Yorkers affected by natural disasters declared as states of emergency. The legislation, introduced by State Senator James Skoufis, mandates insurance companies to respond to disaster-related claims within 15 business days after concluding an investigation, and to issue payments within three days of settling a claim.

The new law, effective immediately, aims to alleviate such challenges by ensuring quicker responses from insurance companies, a move supporters believe will mitigate financial strain and accelerated recovery efforts.

The legislation underscores New York’s proactive approach to addressing the consequences of increasing severe weather events. By enforcing stricter timelines for insurance claims, the state intends to provide more timely support to disaster-stricken residents, helping them rebuild and recover faster. As New Yorkers prepare for future storms, the law represents a critical step towards more resilient and responsive disaster management and recovery practices.

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