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Cayuga County and Auburn leaders unite for economic development

Cayuga County Chairperson Aileen McNabb-Coleman and Auburn Mayor Jimmy Giannettino recently held an Economic Development Stakeholder meeting to discuss the enhancement of economic growth within Cayuga County. Both leaders have expressed that economic development is a top priority, aiming to establish a unified, efficient one-stop hub to support business expansion and provide essential resources to the community. Their collaboration signifies a strong commitment to fostering an environment conducive to economic prosperity.

McNabb-Coleman emphasized the importance of cooperation between the county and city leaders to streamline access to development tools for businesses and residents. Mayor Giannettino highlighted the critical need for the county and city to work together, showcasing a united front to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the region. This partnership aims to ensure the successful implementation of economic development initiatives.

The stakeholder meeting focused on exploring sustainable service delivery options and program funding. With the Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA) actively serving the community, local businesses and residents are encouraged to engage with CEDA for support and information on economic development efforts. This collaborative approach marks a significant step towards achieving a thriving economic landscape in Cayuga County.