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New York’s mail voting law stands after court ruling

A federal court has dismissed a Republican-led challenge against New York’s Early Mail Voter Act, securing the future of easier mail voting in the state. The court ruled that the law, which permits voting by mail without requiring an excuse like illness or travel, does not infringe upon the state Constitution. This decision cements the more lenient voting regulations that were temporarily adopted during the pandemic.

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The legislation, passed during the final moments of last year’s legislative session, aims to make the pandemic-era voting accommodations permanent. Its enactment follows the rejection of a similar state constitutional amendment by voters in 2021, demonstrating the legislature’s commitment to expanding voting accessibility despite the public vote.

This ruling represents a significant victory for proponents of broader voting access in New York, ensuring that all eligible voters can participate in elections more conveniently and securely, regardless of their ability to visit polling stations in person.