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Auburn mayor says city needs more state aid

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Auburn Mayor Jimmy Giannettino has voiced concerns to New York legislators about the city’s $4 million loss due to stagnant state aid, highlighting the financial strain during the New York State Conference of Mayors’ winter legislative meeting in Albany.

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Despite efforts to testify in-person, Giannettino, representing a smaller city, was denied the opportunity, leaving larger city mayors to speak. He emphasized the decade-long freeze on state aid, pointing out that Auburn’s financial support through the Aid and Incentives for Municipalities program has not increased since the 2011-12 budget cycle, affecting the city’s ability to provide services amidst rising costs.

Giannettino’s statement drew attention to the broader issue of inadequate state aid for municipalities, referencing a report that illustrates the diminishing coverage of city services’ costs by state funds. He urged legislators to prioritize the restoration and increase of state aid in the forthcoming budget, emphasizing the necessity to support the sustainability of Auburn and other New York cities.