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Auburn native will lead Golden State Warriors’ WNBA team

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Jess Smith, an Auburn native, has been appointed president of the Golden State Warriors’ upcoming WNBA team, marking a significant milestone in her career in sports management.

The yet-to-be-named franchise is set to join the league in the 2025 season, becoming the first expansion team since 2008.

Smith’s move to this role underscores her commitment to women’s sports and her vision for the team’s future. With a robust background that includes a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego and a master’s in sports administration from Ohio University, Smith has built an impressive career that started with the Auburn Doubledays and included pivotal roles with major teams like the Oakland Athletics and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Golden State Warriors have expressed confidence in Smith’s leadership abilities, emphasizing her impact in her previous roles and her recognition within the sports industry.