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Wallington Fire Company gets $200,000 to get upgrades

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The Wallington Fire Company is set to enhance and expand its facilities thanks to a $200,000 grant secured by State Senator Pam Helming. Recognizing the critical role volunteer fire departments play in community safety, Senator Helming’s efforts aim to support the necessary upgrades for the Wallington firehouse. The grant will fund the addition of three new truck bays and storage space, alongside energy-efficient building improvements and a new washroom for decontaminating fire gear.

Senator Helming highlighted the importance of supporting volunteer fire departments that operate on limited budgets, emphasizing the state government’s role in ensuring these departments have the resources to protect communities. The Wallington Fire Company plans to use the grant to modernize its facility, ensuring all fire apparatus are housed under one roof, enhancing operational efficiency and response readiness.

Local leaders, including Sodus Town Supervisor Scott Johnson, expressed gratitude towards Senator Helming for her continuous support of local fire departments. The grant not only facilitates the Wallington Fire Company’s expansion but also underscores the ongoing advocacy for fire department resources at the state level, including the development of grant programs aimed at bolstering fire station infrastructure and equipment.