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NY proposes bills to safeguard teens on social media

Amid growing concerns over child safety online, New York legislators have introduced two significant bills aimed at curbing the negative impacts of social media on teenagers. These proposals, currently under review in the State Senate’s Committee, seek to modify how social media platforms operate for users under 18. The initiatives follow a Senate hearing where leaders from Meta, TikTok, and other social media giants faced intense scrutiny over their role in child exploitation.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

The first bill, known as the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act, targets addictive features on social platforms, proposing restrictions to shield young users from potential harm. This includes limiting the algorithm-driven content and restricting notifications during late hours.

Additionally, the New York Child Data Protection Act aims to protect minors’ privacy by prohibiting the collection, use, and sale of their personal data for advertising purposes. As these bills progress through the legislative process, they represent a significant step towards creating a safer online environment for New York’s younger population.