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Gillibrand proposes legislation to combat PFAS exposure

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand introduced the PFAS Accountability Act, aiming to address the widespread issue of PFAS chemical contamination. Known for their presence in various consumer products and their association with numerous health problems, PFAS chemicals have been detected across all 50 states, affecting water sources nationwide. Gillibrand’s legislation seeks to empower those significantly exposed to PFAS by establishing legal recourse against the chemicals’ manufacturers under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The proposed bill emphasizes facilitating courts to grant medical monitoring for individuals significantly impacted by PFAS exposure, highlighting the national scope of the contamination problem. “Across the country, millions of Americans are exposed to PFAS chemicals in their water,” stated Gillibrand, stressing the detection of these substances in drinking water or groundwater at approximately 3,000 sites across the United States.

Moreover, the PFAS Accountability Act proposes that courts could mandate the conduction of new or additional studies, including epidemiological and toxicological research, as part of medical monitoring remedies for PFAS exposure. This legislative move by Senator Gillibrand represents a significant step towards addressing the health risks associated with PFAS chemicals and holding manufacturers accountable for their role in this environmental and public health issue.