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Cayuga County recovers over $100,000 in restitution from fraud cases

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Cayuga County, through the state’s Crimes Against Revenue Program, has successfully reclaimed over $103,000 in 2023 from individuals committing tax and welfare fraud. District Attorney Brittany Grome Antonacci emphasized the importance of the program in prosecuting those avoiding tax payments and committing fraud related to Medicaid, welfare, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. This collaborative effort between the district attorney’s office, Department of Social Services, and the Department of Tax and Finance aims to rectify financial crimes that divert funds from state resources.

The concerted efforts in 2023 led to court-ordered restitutions totaling approximately $466,232.15, alongside projected savings amounting to $144,462 from disqualifications in Department of Social Services cases. The initiative underscores the county’s commitment to upholding financial integrity and accountability, ensuring that funds are appropriately allocated to those rightfully in need.

Cayuga County encourages citizens to report suspected fraud through an anonymous tip line or online, highlighting common fraud examples like incorrect wage reporting, false residence status claims, and misuse of benefits cards. This active engagement from the community aids in the continuous battle against fraud, reinforcing the county’s dedication to safeguarding public funds and maintaining a fair system for all residents.