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Refrigerators lead in appliance-related ER visits

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A recent study by LendingTree reveals that emergency room visits for appliance-related injuries have increased post-pandemic, with refrigerators topping the list as the most common cause. Over a decade, 427,454 refrigerator-related injuries were reported, based on data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Injuries often occur due to unexpected leaks causing slippery floors or accidents while moving or cleaning the appliance.

Following refrigerators, stoves and ovens rank second, primarily causing burn injuries, especially in children. Vacuum cleaners are third on the list, with friction burns from rollers being the most common injury. LendingTree’s study highlights the continued risk of rollers spinning even after the vacuum is switched off, recommending protective footwear as a precaution.

Rob Bhatt, a LendingTree content writer and analyst, emphasizes the distinction in insurance coverage for home-related injuries. Personal health insurance typically covers such incidents, while homeowner’s insurance is more geared towards property damage and guest injuries. Bhatt advises homeowners to ensure appliances are in good working condition and to consult professionals for repairs. When considering insurance claims, Bhatt suggests inquiring with the insurance company before filing, as opening a claim may impact rates. The study also notes washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, and dryers as common sources of home injuries.

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