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Multi-agency response tackles house fire in Newark

A collaborative effort by multiple agencies was required to address a house fire in Newark on Monday. The incident, reported at 11:29 p.m., prompted responses from Newark Fire Department, Newark-Arcadia Emergency Medical Services, Wayne County EMS, and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Initial units encountered heavy smoke and a fully engaged fire, leading to the dispatch of Lyons Fire Department for Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) response. However, the situation evolved, prompting Lyons FD to switch to an interior assignment. Phelps Fire Department and Clifton Springs Fire Department were subsequently called for RIT and station standby, respectively. Additional support came from the Wayne County Fire Coordinator Office with a Cascade unit for SCBA bottle refilling.

The incident necessitated involvement from the Town of Arcadia Code Enforcement and NYSEG for gas and electric management. The American Red Cross provided temporary housing assistance for the occupants. The scene was cleared by 2:13 am, thanks to the effective coordination of all units, including the commendable support from Wayne County 911 Center dispatchers.