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New York State Fair adjusts 2024 concert schedule for better turnout

The New York State Fair, known for its vibrant concert series, is making strategic changes to its 2024 lineup. State Fair Director Sean Hennessey announced the decision to eliminate afternoon shows at Suburban Park, one of the fair’s premier concert venues. This move comes after observing low attendance at these shows in previous years. The focus will now be on evening performances at 8 p.m., aiming to attract larger crowds and enhance the overall fair experience.

The change reflects a shift in strategy to ensure fiscal responsibility and optimize entertainment value. Past fairs featured two daily concerts at Suburban Park, but even top acts struggled to draw significant afternoon crowds. Savings from this decision will be redirected to securing bigger acts for more popular time slots. Chevy Court, another key venue, will continue its tradition of hosting both afternoon and evening shows at 1 and 6 p.m.

Looking forward to the 2024 fair, excitement builds with the announcement of popular acts TLC and KIDZ BOP set to perform. TLC will take the stage at Suburban Park, while KIDZ BOP is scheduled for an afternoon show at Chevy Court. Hennessey emphasizes the commitment to bringing big-name performers in a financially prudent manner, ensuring a thrilling and memorable experience for fairgoers.