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Rep. Langworthy focuses on energy solutions in Western New York

In the wake of severe winter weather in Western New York, Congressman Nick Langworthy has expressed concern about the region’s energy policies. Speaking in front of a snowbank, Langworthy highlighted the vulnerability of his district to extreme weather conditions and the crucial role of reliable energy sources. He criticized the state’s law that will eventually ban natural gas hookups in new buildings, emphasizing the need for dependable energy during harsh New York winters.

Langworthy, meeting with Republican town supervisors, voiced his opposition to the state’s shift towards electrification of buildings and vehicles. He questioned the state’s preparedness in producing additional electricity and enhancing grid resilience. Additionally, he disapproved of the continued ban on fracking natural gas in the Southern Tier, a region rich in natural gas reserves.

The congressman supports HR1, a Republican energy plan promoting both renewable and traditional energy sources. He also sponsors legislation against bans on energy service connections like New York’s natural gas policy. Langworthy stressed the importance of energy policy in upcoming elections, calling for federal and bipartisan solutions to address energy challenges in Western New York.