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Andrew Cuomo criticizes Democrats’ handling of migrant crisis

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has publicly criticized the Democratic Party’s approach to the migrant crisis, likening their strategy to a failing NFL team’s tactics. In an op-ed published in The Hill, Cuomo argues that Democrats are overly reliant on former President Donald Trump’s unelectability, rather than presenting a strong, positive case for their policies.

Cuomo particularly pointed out the migrant issue as a clear example of the party’s shortcomings. He emphasized that the Biden administration’s inability to effectively address the migrant crisis, compounded by internal party divisions, is visibly problematic. The Republican strategy of sending migrants to Democrat-led cities further accentuates this issue, according to Cuomo.

The former governor urged the Democratic Party to adopt a more logical and sustainable approach to such critical issues, warning against complacency. He stressed the importance of offering voters a compelling reason to support Democrats, beyond just opposing Trump. Cuomo’s critique comes after his resignation in 2021 following sexual harassment allegations.