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New York State American Legion leadership to visit Seneca County

The New York State American Legion’s top leadership, including Department Commander Timothy Collmer, Auxiliary President Karen St. Hilaire, and Detachment Commander Peter DeAngelis, will visit Seneca County this Friday. Their itinerary includes a lunch at Kirk-Casey American Legion Post 366 in Seneca Falls, tours of local historical sites, and a dinner meeting with the Seneca County American Legion membership. This visit is part of Commander Collmer’s statewide initiative to promote veteran advocacy and community involvement during his tenure.

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Commander Collmer, an Army veteran and retired corrections officer, has a distinguished military and community service background. His visit aims to strengthen the bond between the American Legion and local communities, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to serving veterans and their families. Auxiliary President St. Hilaire and Detachment Commander DeAngelis, both with deep roots in the Legion’s family programs, accompany him to support and engage with the local Legion members.

The American Legion, a key veteran service organization, focuses on advocacy for veterans, service members, and communities. With a membership of over 2.4 million across 14,000 posts worldwide, the Legion and its auxiliary units, including the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion, work tirelessly to support those who have served and their families. This visit underscores their ongoing efforts to uphold the values and objectives of the Legion at the community level.