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IRS launches free online tax filing pilot program

In an effort to simplify tax filing, the IRS is introducing a new free, direct file system. This initiative is designed to eliminate third-party intermediaries, allowing taxpayers to file directly with the agency. The program aims to enhance accuracy and ensure taxpayers fully benefit from available credits and deductions.

Bridget Roberts, the head of the pilot project, emphasizes the program’s focus on accuracy and maximizing taxpayer benefits. Unlike existing services such as TurboTax, the IRS’s system will explain how tax refunds are calculated, helping filers understand their returns better.

Currently in the pilot phase, the program is expected to become more accessible by mid-March. While it only handles federal returns, users will receive guidance on filing state returns separately. This development marks a significant step in streamlining the tax filing process, potentially reducing errors and maximizing returns for taxpayers.

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