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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdraws from 2024 presidential primary

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially withdrawn from the 2024 Republican presidential primary, just days before the New Hampshire primary. Announcing his decision via a social media video, DeSantis has thrown his support behind former President Donald Trump. This move significantly narrows the field of Republican candidates, leaving former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as Trump’s primary competitor.

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DeSantis’ exit from the race comes after a distant second-place finish in the Iowa caucus and poor polling in upcoming primary states. His decision to endorse Trump reflects the former president’s strong position in the Republican primary race, with widespread support from GOP leaders and former rivals. DeSantis cited the need to avoid returning to the old Republican guard, a stance represented by Nikki Haley, as a key reason for his endorsement.

DeSantis, who gained national attention for his conservative governance in Florida, did not indicate his future plans but expressed commitment to continuing his political mission. His move to support Trump underlines the ongoing dynamics within the Republican Party and sets the stage for the upcoming primaries.

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